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Knowledge Base – New Hacks On Waze App For Tablets You May Not Know Exist | Revealed.

Toronto native Vinujan Aravinthan started editing in Mar. 2014, while Montreal-based Philippe Royal also joined in 2014. There were 10 Canadians on hand at the Meetup, each with years of experience working on the app as editors and beta testers. Since Waze first came to Canada just over a decade ago, 10,000 people in the country have edited a map at least once. There are currently 1,500 active editors nationwide, plus 405 beta testers. I’ll switch to Google if I’m confident that it’s going to save me more time and hassle on the road than Waze does.

Most of what you’re describing makes complete sense for this type of app. Though there’s no “left lane closed” button, you can use the construction function and type it in. Does anyone know of an app that shows block or house numbers? That stands in stark contrast to the cellphone carriers, who had been selling our location data to law enforcement, as well as almost anyone who desired access, with basically no controls.

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Until then, be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below and let us know what other features of Waze you’d like to learn more about. As intuitive as Waze is to use on iPhone and Android, there might be some features that you’ve overlooked and would like to learn more about. As such, we put together a list of seven tips that should help familiarize you with Waze and some of the features it has to offer. More on locking, see the Non-drivable roads lock level page. More on Walking trails and other non drivable road types, see the Non-drivable roads page.

  • The 7th issue of Solo featured a short adventure titled Batman A-Go-Go!
  • As such, the Crown claims HSBC faced significant penalties from U.S. authorities by agreeing to handle Huawei’s money.
  • Google’s apt-titled offering is more of a standard navigation app, albeit one that provides navigation for those walking, biking, or using public transit, in addition to driving.
  • “When you get to the top, you can’t see the hill on the other side, or the street, so people tend to stop. And that’s where a lot of the problems come,” Baxter Street resident Jeff Hartman told CBS News.
  • As soon as the COVID-19 outbreak began spreading around the world, we activated our community and network of partners across our Volunteer Communities, Waze for Cities programs, and more to support crisis response.

I’d have to press this every time I opened the app to view on my phone. “Of course it was a bug and not something done intentionally, but it highlights the APK 4 point that they do have control over apps that include their code.” The two incidents have led some to question whether Facebook has too much power over independent apps.

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Once you connect your Spotify account (it even works if you’re not a premium subscriber) you’ll get some suggested tunes for the drive without having to leave the app. The Israeli startup innovated in several ways that made Google Maps feel stale. Routing that can more intelligently direct you around backups.

It encourages you to download maps ahead of time and use your GPS completely offline. The major perk to this is if you lose Wi-Fi or cellular service, you can still get where you need to be. It also allows you to turn off cell services to save battery life in emergency situations.  Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

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